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yellow and white, 4.58ct Genuine Heart Shape White Sapphire Pendant



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This wa 14ks a 14k ha 14krd one to find.But I found two. This one is a 14k 4.58ct a 14knd mea 14ksures 9mm. Come with a 14k cha 14kin.Norma 14kl Hea 14kt Only.For centuries, ma 14kn ha 14ks been hea 14kting gemstones to ma 14kke them clea 14kr a 14knd better colored. It is a 14kn a 14kccepted process a 14knd does not interfere with the norma 14kl da 14kily wea 14kr a 14knd the color does fa 14kde in time. This process keeps the price down a 14ks a 14k na 14ktura 14kl untrea 14kted gemstone ma 14ky fetch thousa 14knds per ca 14kra 14kt.Color DCla 14krity VVS/IFThe fa 14kceting in this gem is a 14kma 14kzing.Set in sterling silver ma 14kkes it a 14kfforda 14kble.This sa 14kpphire ca 14kn a 14klso be set in 14k yellow or white gold a 14kt ma 14krket price.I do offer la 14kya 14kwa 14ky on this penda 14knt.Your terms.No dea 14kdlines.No extra 14k costs.

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