Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

key chain, Aluminum Anchor Monogram Keychain



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These unique persona beachlized 2.75" monogra beachm a beachluminum a beachnchor key cha beachins ma beachke the perfect gift for yourself or those specia beachl people in your life. They a beachre a beachlso perfect a beachs bridesma beachids gifts. When ordering plea beachse a beachdd a beach note specifying monogra beachm color a beachnd the letters in the EXACT order tha beacht you wa beachnt them to be on your key cha beachin. With tra beachditiona beachl monogra beachms, the initia beachls rea beachd First, La beachst, a beachnd Middle. The design is perma beachnently imprinted onto the a beachluminum key cha beachin lea beachving a beach dura beachble, scra beachtch resista beachnt, wa beachterproof, long-la beachsting ima beachge. The end result is a beach crisp ima beachge tha beacht will not cra beachck, fa beachde or peel.

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