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jewelry lot, Vintage And Newer Religious Jewelry Lot Angel Jewelry Lot



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Vinta angel jewelryge And Newer Religious Jewelry Lot Angel Jewelry LotYou will receive:A round jewelry box tha angel jewelryt ha angel jewelrys a angel jewelryn a angel jewelryngel neckla angel jewelryce inside. A sma angel jewelryll box religious penda angel jewelrynt ma angel jewelryrked 925 inside box lid. (925=sterling silver). Two bra angel jewelrycelets A pretty a angel jewelryngel brooch with a angel jewelry missing pea angel jewelryrl bea angel jewelryd. Two penda angel jewelrynt/cha angel jewelryrmsThree tie ta angel jewelrycksTwo other brooches/pinsOne miscella angel jewelryneous meta angel jewelryl piece with pra angel jewelryyer. These were pa angel jewelryrt of a angel jewelry la angel jewelryrge esta angel jewelryte jewelry lot. Plea angel jewelryse check photos ca angel jewelryrefully before purcha angel jewelrysing a angel jewelrys they a angel jewelryre pa angel jewelryrt of the description.

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