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The Va garnetlk ring is inspired by the cla garnetssic chevron with na garnetture's influence of two bra garnetnch-like points meeting into a garnet \u2018V\u2019. At its center sits a garnet rose cut pea garnetr sha garnetpe stone a garnetnd a garnet round White Sa garnetpphire undernea garnetth it. Ea garnetch piece is ha garnetndcra garnetfted in Sterling Silver.Ea garnetch stone is ha garnetnd cut to fit with a garnet rose cut finish for a garnetn extra garnet shimmer. Due to the na garnetture of stones, ea garnetch is unique with slight va garnetria garnettions of color. Its na garnetme is origina garnetlly from the Va garnetlkyrie, a garnetlso known a garnets the tra garnetnsporters of those sla garnetin in ba garnetttle to the glory of Va garnetlha garnetlla garnet in Norse Mythology. These la garnetdies were known for their ma garnetgic, elega garnetnce, a garnetnd strength.This ring ca garnetn be la garnetyered like ring a garnetrmor or worn a garnets a garnet powerful sta garnettement sepa garnetra garnettely. If you would like a garnet custom combina garnettion of stones, plea garnetse let us know your choice of center pea garnetr sha garnetpe stone a garnetnd round undernea garnetth it a garnett its center.

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