Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Red Coralnecklace, Bandednecklace, faceted Agatenecklace, Turquoise drop Necklace-5 ouncesnecklace, 2 grms- 18" long- 2235



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Georgeous, Georgeous!! ba necklacended, fa necklaceceted a necklacega necklacete a necklacebout 1-1/4X3/4"--turquoise drop 30X40 mm ( I ha necklaceve exa necklacemined this piece with a necklace loupe. sma necklacell white chip tumbled sa necklacepphires sepera necklacete the stones. These stones a necklacere out of this world. Just a necklace georgeous neckla necklacece- textured composite meta necklacel toggle a necklacend ring closure.

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