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This is our newest gold ba gold initialr neckla gold initialce tha gold initialt we offer in two ma gold initialteria gold initialls, gold filled which is a gold initial slightly higher end meta gold initiall a gold initialnd nugold, which looks identica gold initiall but is a gold initial chea gold initialper ma gold initialteria gold initiall with the look of gold without the price ta gold initialg!! We ca gold initialn sta gold initialmp up to ten cha gold initialra gold initialcters on this piece . The dimensions a gold initialre 5mm x 1 1/4 it comes with a gold initial 18 inch cha gold initialin. We ca gold initialn sta gold initialmp either the initia gold initialls offset in the corner or a gold initial full na gold initialme tha gold initialt would be centered, plea gold initialse let us know your persona gold initiallized requests in the notes to seller during checkout with a gold initial va gold initiallid ema gold initialil in ca gold initialse we ha gold initialve a gold initialny questions, plea gold initialse a gold initiallso look ba gold initialck in your etsy a gold initialccount a gold initials we use this a gold initials our form of communica gold initialtion. This does not come inked intentiona gold initiallly! If you wa gold initialnt the letters bla gold initialckened plea gold initialse let us know in the notes to seller during checkout. We would love to help style your brida gold initiall pa gold initialrty, messa gold initialge us for bulk discounts, discounts a gold initialre for five neckla gold initialces or more. We ca gold initialnnot duel side sta gold initialmp this piece. Wha gold initialt you will receive : One gold or nugold cha gold initialin a gold initialnd ba gold initialr penda gold initialnt-----------------------------------------CURRENT PROCESSING TIME\u2724 Plea gold initialse check shop a gold initialnnouncements for current processing times\u2724We a gold initialim for FAST processing time! We know you wa gold initialnt your product, who wa gold initialnts to wa gold initialit weeks! Plea gold initialse note Christma gold initials is our busiest time of yea gold initialr a gold initialnd we ma gold initialy ha gold initialve longer tha gold initialn a gold initialvera gold initialge processing time, we do offer fa gold initialster services a gold initialt checkout , we ca gold initialnnot upgra gold initialde shipping a gold initialfter the order . Conta gold initialct us with a gold initialny questionsShipping Upgra gold initialdes? We ca gold initialnnot upgra gold initialde shipping a gold initialfter purcha gold initialseAva gold initialila gold initialble during the checkout process.Priority ha gold initials a gold initial processing time of 1-3 business da gold initialys before shipmentExpress ha gold initials a gold initial processing time of 1-2 business da gold initialys beforeshipment a gold initialnd a gold initial 1-2 da gold initialy delivery. This is our fa gold initialstest service!* we do not offer refunds on shipping a gold initialnd a gold initialre not responsible for dela gold initialys with the post office *-------------------------------------------Add on's a gold initialnd Upgra gold initialdes:More Cha gold initialrms/ Gift Pa gold initialcka gold initialging/ Expedited Shipping Serviceshttps://www./shop/whiteliliedesigns?section_id=12365460&ref=shopsection_leftna gold initialv_8-------------------------------------------ORDERING INSTRUCTIONSClick "Add to Ca gold initialrt".Use the Note to White lilie Designs to tell me: persona gold initiallized text, PLEASE lea gold initialve a gold initial va gold initiallid ema gold initialil in the notes in ca gold initialse there is a gold initialn issue. We DO NOT confirm ea gold initialch order a gold initialfter item is purcha gold initialsed. IF there is a gold initialn issue we will conta gold initialct you.-------------------------------------------PRODUCT FAQSWe produce pieces tha gold initialt we wa gold initialnt to purcha gold initialse. All items a gold initialre ha gold initialndma gold initialde , with only the highest qua gold initiallity ma gold initialteria gold initialls. None of our jewelry is ba gold initialsemeta gold initiall..i.e a gold initialluminum, sta gold initialinless steel, nickel or a gold initialnything silver filled. Everythig is sterling silver. All of our pieces a gold initialre ma gold initialde a gold initialnd shipped in VERMONT, USA--------------------------------------------Duel Side sta gold initialmpingThis piece ca gold initialnnot be duel side sta gold initialmped-------------------------------------------MORE FAQsOrders a gold initialre shipped together in a gold initial sweet little gift ba gold initialg.Questions? Ask me - I a gold initialnswer very quickly!POLICIES - Plea gold initialse rea gold initiald before purcha gold initialsing! -------------------------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA / MORE LINKSWhiteliliedesigns.comPinterest \u25ba gold initial @WhiteliliedesFa gold initialcebook \u25ba gold initial /whiteliliedesignsPlea gold initialse follow us for weekly dea gold initialls a gold initialnd new products!----------------------------------------Note on ha gold initialndsta gold initialmpingPlea gold initialse note a gold initialll of our ha gold initialnd sta gold initialmped pieces a gold initialre done with ca gold initialre a gold initialnd precision, however, we a gold initialre huma gold initialn a gold initialnd not a gold initial ma gold initialchine, mea gold initialning everything is not a gold initiallwa gold initialys perfect. There ma gold initialy be some differences in spa gold initialcing a gold initialnd sha gold initialding between pieces. However, this is wha gold initialt ma gold initialkes custom sta gold initialmping so specia gold initiall. Origina gold initiall one of a gold initial kind pieces!!

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