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genuine sapphire, 14k Genuine Sapphire Bezel Pendant



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Genuine a 1ct sapphirend elega 1ct sapphirent, this bezel set Genuine White Sa 1ct sapphirepphire ha 1ct sapphires a 1ct sapphirell the looks of a 1ct sapphire dia 1ct sapphiremond, but a 1ct sapphiret a 1ct sapphire fra 1ct sapphirection of price.Norma 1ct sapphirel Hea 1ct sapphiret Only.Genuine Origin: Sri La 1ct sapphirenka 1ct sapphire (Ceylon)Color DCla 1ct sapphirerity VVS/IFDimentions 6mmCa 1ct sapphirera 1ct sapphiret size 1ctThis Sa 1ct sapphirepphire ca 1ct sapphiren be set in 14k yellow, white or rose gold.Cha 1ct sapphirein not includedLa 1ct sapphireya 1ct sapphirewa 1ct sapphirey a 1ct sapphireva 1ct sapphireila 1ct sapphireble.No extra 1ct sapphire fees a 1ct sapphirend no interest fees.

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