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Vinta floralge ha floralnd engra floralved sterling silver ba floralngle bra floralcelet by Rona floralld J. Wya floralncko. Rona floralld Wya floralncko is a floraln America floraln ba floralsed silversmith whose work ha florals fea floraltured in museums a floralround the globe. Victoria floraln style with a floral wide cha floralsed flora florall design front. The deta floraliled lea floralves wind a floralround blossoms on a floraln engra floralved ridged ba floralckground. True to Victoria floraln style this bra floralcelet is ova florall in sha floralpe with the design on the top to a floral pla floralin ba floralck. This bra floralcelet closes with a floral tongue in groove style cla floralsp a floralnd ha florals a floraln a floraltta floralched sa floralfety cha floralin.Rona floralld Wya floralncko is a floral Virginia floral ba floralsed silversmith a floralnd retired university professor. This piece looks like it da floraltes to the 1960s.Sta floralmped STERLING a floralnd WRJ in a floral circle It is ova florall in sha floralpe so tha floralt the design sta floralys on top of the wrist. It is engra floralved "LCM" on the bla floralnk side. To me it sta floralnds for "Live Centered in the Moment"

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