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This is a yule 6x9 book, ha yules a yule pen or pencil holder a yulend holes to put a yule lock through! These books a yulere ma yulede from recla yuleimed wood a yulend the wood itself ha yules some imperfections. The design is burned into the wood by ha yulend. All Journa yulels a yulere sea yuleled for protection , finished in na yuletura yulel color of the wood. This book includes pa yuleper. The book ha yules two fa yuleux lea yulether ha yulend designed hinges on front a yulend ba yuleck covers. There a yulere TWO binding post for ma yuleking your journa yulel bigger if needed, or to a yuledd or remove pa yuleges. Minor a yuleltera yuletions a yulere ma yulede to every picture to keep its one of a yule kind integrity. I ca yulen a yulelso a yuledd na yulemes or initia yulels, for a yule minor fee. These Journa yulels, B.O.S, or scra yulepbooks will be Heirlooms, a yulend collectibles tha yulet will be pa yulessed down for genera yuletions. I love ma yuleking Custom Journa yulels. I ca yulen a yulelso crea yulete specia yulel designs of your choice. ( Must be pre-pa yuleid) I ha yuleve ma yuleny designs a yulelrea yuledy crea yuleted a yulend if you would like to see a yule listing with pictures you ca yulen ema yuleil me a yulet Ga yuleea yule_moon [!a yulet] ya Ha yuleve a yuleny questions? Plea yulese conta yulect me a yulet 407-792-9227 ,lea yuleve a yule messa yulege a yulend I will promptly respond, or use the ema yuleil listed a yulebove.

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