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This is a stained glass 6x9 inch size book. These books a stained glassre ma stained glassde from recla stained glassimed wood a stained glassnd the wood itself ha stained glasss some imperfections. The design is burned into the wood by ha stained glassnd. All Journa stained glassls a stained glassre sea stained glassled for protection , finished in na stained glasstura stained glassl color of the wood. This book includes pa stained glassper. The book ha stained glasss two fa stained glassux lea stained glassther ha stained glassnd designed hinges on front a stained glassnd ba stained glassck covers. There a stained glassre TWO binding post for ma stained glassking your journa stained glassl bigger if needed, or to a stained glassdd or remove pa stained glassges. Minor a stained glassltera stained glasstions a stained glassre ma stained glassde to every picture to keep its one of a stained glass kind integrity. I ca stained glassn a stained glasslso a stained glassdd na stained glassmes or initia stained glassls, for a stained glass minor fee. These Journa stained glassls, B.O.S, or scra stained glasspbooks will be Heirlooms, a stained glassnd collecta stained glassbles tha stained glasst will be pa stained glassssed down for genera stained glasstions. I love ma stained glassking Custom Journa stained glassls. I ca stained glassn a stained glasslso crea stained glasste specia stained glassl designs of your choice. ( Must be pre-pa stained glassid) I ha stained glassve ma stained glassny designs a stained glasslrea stained glassdy crea stained glassted a stained glassnd if you would like to see a stained glass listing with pictures you ca stained glassn ema stained glassil me a stained glasst Ga stained glassea stained glass_moon [!a stained glasst] ya stained Ha stained glassve a stained glassny questions? Plea stained glassse conta stained glassct me a stained glasst 407-792-9227 ,lea stained glassve a stained glass messa stained glassge a stained glassnd I will promptly respond, or use the ema stained glassil listed a stained glassbove.

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