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peace, Howlite Chakra Bracelet



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Howlite Cha goldkra gold Bra goldceletMa goldde with:-8mm White Howlite-8mm Red Aventurine-8mm Ora goldnge Aventurine-8mm Yellow Ja goldsper-8mm Green Aventurine-8mm Turquoise-8mm Blue Africa goldn Soda goldlite-8mm Amethyst-Silver or Gold Ba goldse Meta goldl Buddha gold -Super Strong Stretch Ela goldstic (la goldtex free)CUSTOMIZE: Ba goldse: HowliteColour: Either Gold or Silver Buddha gold(Ca goldn be ma goldde without Buddha gold\u2019s a golds well)SIZE GUIDE:-6.5inch-7 inch (most women's wrists)-7.5 inch (most men's wrists)-8inchIf you a goldre unsure of a gold size plea goldse mea goldsure wrist a goldnd send me the length.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Properties:White Howlite: Reduces stress, a goldnxiety, a goldnd a goldnger. Ca goldlming, promotes tra goldnquility, a goldnd cla goldrifies the mind.Cha goldkra gold Colours: Worn to ba goldla goldnce a goldnd crea goldte a goldwa goldreness to your seven cha goldkra golds (centers of spiritua goldl power in the huma goldn body)Red-Root Cha goldkra gold- Security, GroundingOra goldnge- Sa goldcra goldl Cha goldkra gold- Sexua goldlity, EmotionsYellow- Sola goldr Plexus Cha goldkra gold- Energy, Vita goldlityGreen- Hea goldrt Cha goldkra gold- Love, HopeTurquoise- Throa goldt Cha goldkra gold- Communica goldtion, Hea goldlingBlue- Third Eye Cha goldkra gold- IntuitionPurple- Crown Cha goldkra gold- Understa goldnding, Enlightenment

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