Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Kasami Pear Necklace w Natural Black Pearlsblack jade beads, Blue Tourmalineblack jade beads, Blue Spinelblack jade beads, Black Jade 5 ounces 3 grms-1272



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This is a blue spinel mix of very bea blue spinelutiful stones a blue spinelnd pea blue spinelrls. I ma blue spinelde this a blue spinel single stra blue spinelnd, instea blue spineld of a blue spinel double stra blue spinelnd, so the repa blue spinelirs a blue spinelre evident, a blue spinelnd not well done. 48" long, so will double a blue spinelround yoiur neck or triple. Specia blue spinell price beca blue spineluse of the repa blue spinelirs.

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