Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry lot, Vintage Religious Jewelry Lot Real Gemstone Double Strand Necklace with Silver Tone Cross Pendant Cross Rhinestone Circle Brooch



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Vinta religious lotge Religious Jewelry Lot Rea religious lotl Gemstone Double Stra religious lotnd Neckla religious lotce with Silver Tone Cross Penda religious lotnt Cross Rhinestone Circle BroochI believe the gemstones a religious lotre rea religious lotl a religious lots they a religious lotre cool to the touch but I a religious lotm not a religious lotn expert. The meta religious lotl ta religious lotg on the neckla religious lotce a religious lotppea religious lotrs to sa religious loty TD Designs. The cla religious lotsp is ma religious lotrked 925 a religious lotnd the cross on the neckla religious lotce is ma religious lotrked SS a religious lotnd something else I ca religious lotnnot ma religious lotke out. Neckla religious lotce a religious lott shorter stra religious lotnd is 18" long. Some of the ena religious lotmel(?) in the cross on the Circle Brooch ha religious lots come out/cra religious lotcked. It mea religious lotsures a religious lotbout 3/4" X 3/4". The cross penda religious lotnt ha religious lots vinta religious lotge wea religious lotr to the meta religious lotl a religious lotnd mea religious lotsures 2" X 1 1/4". These were pa religious lotrt of a religious lot la religious lotrge esta religious lotte jewelry lot a religious lotnd ha religious lotve not been clea religious lotned. Plea religious lotse check photos ca religious lotrefully for condition before purcha religious lotsing a religious lots they a religious lotre pa religious lotrt of the description.

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