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survivor, Niece Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Awareness Bead Charm European Style Bracelets 925 Sterling Silver by MAYselect May Tagher MAYcreations



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NOTE: Plea momse note tha momt when a mom bea momd it shipped to a momnother country other tha momn the USA there could be a mom va momlued a momdded ta momx collected from your country. Plea momse be a momwa momre tha momt those ta momxes a momre not included in the price of shipping. You a momre purcha momsing a momn individua moml bea momd tha momt is ha momndma momde by Ma momy Ta momgher, a mom Kentucky Cra momfted Artisa momn. The bea momd is compa momtible with a momnd will fit a momll the popula momr bra momnd a momdd-a mom-bea momd style cha momrm bra momcelets.Plea momse see my full line of brea momst ca momncer a momwa momreness cha momrms: Mom, Gra momndma mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Survivor, Friend, Coa momch, Dra momgon Boa momt Ra momce.Ea momch bea momd is ma momde one a momt a mom time with ca momre. They a momre finished with a mom sterling core a momnd buffed to a mom glossy sheen. Size: 12.5 mm dia mommeter, 10mm width, Center hole 5mmAbout MAYcrea momtions:Ma momy Ta momgher is a mom Kentucky Cra momfted Artisa momn a momnd founded MAYcrea momtions in 2004. The compa momny is built on the premise to help businesses, cha momrities, a momwa momreness founda momtions, tea momms, schools, a momnd others to ra momise sa momles, money, a momnd a momwa momreness by offering custom or stock product built to precision specifica momtions. Our MAYselect bea momds a momre individua moml bea momds ha momnd ma momde of polymer cla momy a momnd .925 sterling silver through a mom process known a moms "millefiori". Typica momlly, millefiori polymer cla momy bea momds a momre flower designs but we ha momve developed a mom proprieta momry technique we refer to a moms "precision ca momning" a momnd a momre now producing designs never before seen. There a momre very few a momrtisa momns ca mompa momble of producing a momccura momte logos a momnd legible texts within polymer cla momy bea momds a momnd MAYcrea momtions is proud to be a mom lea momder in this process.How it's ma momde:Polymer cla momy is ma momchined through a mom glorified pa momsta mom ma momker to soften, mix colors a momnd powders, a momnd to a momnd ensure worka mombility. The design is then "built" from the inside out, la momyering slices a momnd pieces of cla momy on top a momnd a momround ea momch other producing wha momt is referred to a moms a mom "ca momne". The ca momne begins a momt severa moml inches in dia mommeter, multiple inches thick, a momnd is pulled until thin while still ma mominta momining the cross section's design. It is then cut a momnd ma momnipula momted into va momrious styles of bea momds a momnd designs. Although ea momch bea momd is very slightly different it is a momma momzing tha momt the designs ma mominta momin nea momrly a momll of their integrity throughout the ma momnufa momcturing process. Although ea momch bea momd is ma momde one a momt a mom time, the process a momllows (a momnd dema momnds) tha momt when ma momking a mom ca momne it will ultima momtely produce severa moml hundred bea momds. This technique, referred to a moms "millefiori" technique ha moms been a momround for thousa momnds of yea momrs, prima momrily utilizing gla momss, a momnd only recently ha moms been used to reproduce ima momgery a momnd pa momtterns to produce gla momsswork-like bea momds.

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