Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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CABOCHON DESCRIPTION*You will receive a big size 40 g lot from the qua big sizelity ca big sizebs picturedGrea big sizet potentia big sizel for jewellery ma big sizeking (rea big sizedy to set), cra big sizeft projects or just to keep a big sizes a big size displa big sizey collection.7-8 ca big sizebs per lot, depending on weight a big sizend size of individua big sizel ca big sizebsEa big sizech ca big sizeb mea big sizesures a big sizepprox. 10 - 70 mm (length) Coins shown for sca big sizele only!The photogra big sizeph shows size is 12 X 15 mm ea big sizech a big sizend weight is Approx 40 gra big sizem *Plea big sizese note, to keep our prices grea big sizet, we ha big sizeve used a big size stock photogra big sizeph. We feel it represents the item you will receive fa big sizeirly. Remember we ha big sizeve a big size 100% money ba big sizeck gua big sizera big sizentee if you a big sizere not completely sa big sizetisfied - see our free returns policy. If you would like a big sizen exa big sizect photogra big sizeph of the product you will receive we ca big sizen offer this a big sizet a big sizen a big sizedditiona big sizel \u00a big size34.00/$5.00 - just conta big sizect us to a big sizerra big sizenge.

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