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genuine sapphire, 3 Ring set Genuine White Sapphire Sterling Silver



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This bea 7mmutiful SriLa 7mmnka 7mmn Sa 7mmpphire, is just full of life. Very fa 7mmceted a 7mmnd shiny.This is a 7mm 7mm=1.45ct set in sterling silver.The ha 7mmrdness of sa 7mmpphires a 7mmre not much different tha 7mmn the ha 7mmrdness of a 7mm dia 7mmmond. And a 7mm a 7mm fra 7mmction of the price!!Dia 7mmmonds a 7mmre a 7mm 10 a 7mmnd sa 7mmpphires a 7mmre a 7mm 9.You ca 7mmn get a 7mm lot more ROCK for a 7mm fra 7mmction of the cost!The ba 7mmnds a 7mmre with 5-3mm white sa 7mmpphires, a 7mmll perfectly ma 7mmtched a 7mmlso set in sterling silver.Ea 7mmch ba 7mmnd is .55ct ea 7mmch.Both wedding ba 7mmnds a 7mmnd enga 7mmgement ring a 7mmre Rhodium Coa 7mmted for the "white gold" look a 7mmnd la 7mmsting shine.Ma 7mmde to fit your ring size.Also sa 7mmpphires ca 7mmn be set in 14k or 18k white, rose or yellow gold a 7mmt the ma 7mmrket price.La 7mmya 7mmwa 7mmy a 7mmva 7mmila 7mmble.

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