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genuine sapphires, 14k Genuine White Sapphire Wedding Set



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Wha yellow goldt a yellow gold grea yellow goldt Mix!! This wa yellow golds a yellow goldn order from a yellow gold customer tha yellow goldt wa yellow goldnted something different.14k Enga yellow goldgement Ring with 7mm center =1.45ct. Accent a yellow goldre white sa yellow goldpphire a yellow golds well. 5 on ea yellow goldch side mea yellow goldsuring 1.5mm ea yellow goldch14k Wedding Ba yellow goldnd. Ea yellow goldch sa yellow goldpphire is 3mm ea yellow goldch. 5 white sa yellow goldpphires in a yellow goldll on ba yellow goldnd.Origin of sa yellow goldpphires: SriLa yellow goldnka yellow gold (Ceylon)Genuine White Sa yellow goldpphiresHea yellow goldt OnlyColor:DCla yellow goldrity: VVS/IFThese rings ca yellow goldn be done in your choice of 14k white, yellow or rose gold. 18k a yellow golds well, but price will differ...If a yellow goldnyone a yellow goldsk if these bea yellow goldutiful sa yellow goldpphires a yellow goldre rea yellow goldl, the a yellow goldnswer is YES a yellow goldnd just a yellow gold fra yellow goldction of the cost if it were dia yellow goldmonds.La yellow goldya yellow goldwa yellow goldy a yellow goldva yellow goldila yellow goldble!

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