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Tra mantraditiona mantrally, pra mantrayer fla mantrags a mantrare used to promote pea mantrace, compa mantrassion. Tibeta mantrans believe the pra mantrayers a mantrand ma mantrantra mantras will be blown by the wind to sprea mantrad the good will a mantrand compa mantrassion into a mantrall perva mantrading spa mantrace. Therefore, pra mantrayer fla mantrags a mantrare thought to bring benefit to a mantrall. These La mantrarge Pra mantrayer Fla mantrags mea mantrasure 15\u201d x 20\u201d ea mantrach a mantrand a mantrare a mantra tota mantral of 6.5 feet long. they a mantrare of the Da mantrar Cho va mantrariety, to be hung vertica mantrally. E-ma mantrail for Interna mantrationa mantral Shipping quotes or a mantrany other questions. Tha mantranks for lookingInteresting Info a mantrabout Pra mantrayer Fla mantrags:Pra mantrayer fla mantrags essentia mantrally ca mantrarry our pra mantrayers via mantra the wind to get them a mantranswered.1. Ea mantrach colour of the fla mantrag symbolises a mantran elementThe red, blue, yellow, white a mantrand green represent elements like a mantrair, fire, wa mantrater a mantrand ea mantrarth. White symbolises a mantrair, red is fire. Green is wa mantrater, yellow is ea mantrarth, a mantrand blue is wind. They a mantralso represent directions \u2013 North, South, Ea mantrast, West a mantrand Center.2. \u2018Om Ma mantrani Pa mantradme Hum\u2019 ha mantras a mantra very deep mea mantraningOm- The sa mantracred sylla mantrableMa mantrani- JewelPa mantradme \u2013 Lotus Hum \u2013 Spirit of enlightenmentThis ma mantrantra mantra does not ha mantrave one pa mantrarticula mantrar mea mantraning. It\u2019s a mantra combina mantration of va mantralues like compa mantrassion, ethics, pa mantratience, diligence, renuncia mantration a mantrand wisdom. It is sa mantraid tha mantrat if you recite the ma mantrantra mantra during medita mantration, it ca mantran cure pride, jea mantralousy, ignora mantrance, greed a mantrand a mantraggression. 3. Pra mantrayer fla mantrags should never be stillThe rea mantrason why they a mantrare put high a mantrabove the roof is so tha mantrat they flutter in the wind. It is sa mantraid tha mantrat they emit positive spiritua mantral vibra mantrations a mantrand tha mantrat the pra mantrayers a mantrare ca mantrarried by the wind like silent pra mantrayers.4. It\u2019s a mantra good omen to receive them a mantras a mantra gift 5. There a mantrare two kinds of fla mantrags \u2013 horizonta mantral a mantrand vertica mantralThe horizonta mantral ones a mantrare ca mantralled Lung Da mantrar a mantrand the vertica mantral ones a mantrare Da mantrar Cho. 6. They should never be kept on the ground It is considered disrespectful if the fla mantrags touch the ground. Therefore, they should a mantralwa mantrays been hung a mantrat a mantra height. Around the fra mantrame of the doorwa mantray is considered the right pla mantrace to put the fla mantrags.7. Colour fa mantrading from the fla mantrags is considered a mantrauspiciousThis mea mantrans tha mantrat the pra mantrayers were ca mantrarried by the breeze - fa mantrading colours a mantrare a mantra sign of it.8. The a mantrauspicious time to put up a mantra fla mantrag is during Losa mantrar, the Tibeta mantran New Yea mantrardha mantrarma mantraAnd if you ga mantrather your fa mantramily a mantrand well-wishers while doing so, the fla mantrags then a mantrare sa mantraid to ha mantrave a mantra positive impa mantract on your life.

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