Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

personalized mirror, monogram letters mirror personalized custom circle compact pocket mirror cheap Christmas gifts CMO14



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SPECIFICATIONS----------------------------\u2022 Size(a purse mirrorpprox): 2.25" x 2.75" (58mm X 70mm).\u2022 Dua purse mirrorl mirrors inside. \u2022 Print sublima purse mirrorted perma purse mirrornently on the front cover.\u2022 100% Sa purse mirrortisfa purse mirrorction Gua purse mirrorra purse mirrornteed.Plea purse mirrorse ma purse mirrorke sure to provide customer info (Na purse mirrorme, Esta purse mirrorblished yea purse mirrorr) you need when you check out or send us a purse mirror messa purse mirrorge a purse mirrorfter you ha purse mirrorve pla purse mirrorced a purse mirrorn order. For monogra purse mirrorms it is First, La purse mirrorst a purse mirrornd Middle initia purse mirrorl. Plea purse mirrorse list them in the EXACT order you would like it to a purse mirrorppea purse mirrorr.DELIVERY-------------------------\u2022 All compa purse mirrorct mirrors a purse mirrorre shipped by USPS first cla purse mirrorss pa purse mirrorcka purse mirrorge with tra purse mirrorcking number (our sta purse mirrornda purse mirrorrd shipping). Estima purse mirrorted shipping time: 3-5 business da purse mirrorys within USA (ma purse mirrory not be gua purse mirrorra purse mirrornteed a purse mirrorccording to USPS)\u2022 If you need your compa purse mirrorct mirror fa purse mirrorster, you ca purse mirrorn choose Priority Ma purse mirroril. Estima purse mirrorted shipping time: 1-3 business da purse mirrorys within USA (gua purse mirrorra purse mirrornteed by USPS)\u2022 For interna purse mirrortiona purse mirrorl shipping, we offer sta purse mirrornda purse mirrorrd First Cla purse mirrorss Interna purse mirrortiona purse mirrorl Pa purse mirrorcka purse mirrorge. Estima purse mirrorted shipping times: 5-10 business da purse mirrorys worldwide (a purse mirrorccording to USPS)NOTE-------------------------\u2022 Persona purse mirrorlized items ma purse mirrory not be returned or refunded.\u2022 Color ma purse mirrory va purse mirrorry slightly due to the color setting of ea purse mirrorch individua purse mirrorl monitor.Tha purse mirrornk you for looking, plea purse mirrorse feel free to messa purse mirrorge me with a purse mirrorny questions.Interested in a purse mirror custom compa purse mirrorct mirror with your own ima purse mirrorges? Just convo me!I LOVE custom orders too!Tha purse mirrornk you for visiting The Persona purse mirrorlizedgifStore! Plea purse mirrorse be sure to visit our shop for other gift idea purse mirrors...https://www./shop/Persona purse mirrorlizedgifStore?ref=sea purse mirrorrch_shop_redirect

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