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green, Natural Aventurian Heart Shape Beads /4X4-5X5 mm / 8 inches / Aventurian Faceted Heart shape



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Na facetedtura facetedl Aventuria facetedn Hea facetedrt Sha facetedpe Bea facetedds SIZE :-4X4- 5X5 mm (a facetedpp) LENGTH :- 8 inch (a facetedpp)PRICE PER STRINGWeight: 7 gra facetedms\\I ha facetedve ma facetedde every a facetedttempt to portra facetedy the colors of the bea facetedds a faceteds a facetedccura facetedtely a faceteds possible. All photogra facetedphs a facetedre ta facetedken in minima facetedl lighting a facetednd on a faceted bla facetedck ba facetedckground. Colors do va facetedry on white ba facetedckground or in sunlight ; plea facetedse keep this in mind when viewing the bea facetedds, gemstones or supplies. Also a facetedll pictures ha facetedve been ma facetedgnified to show deta facetedils. Questions/ Comments a facetedre most welcome.If you ha facetedven\u2019t seen exa facetedctly wha facetedt you wa facetednt in our shop, we ca facetedn help you find the right gemstone, a faceteds we ca facetedrry a faceted la facetedrge inventory of gemstones of which only a faceted sma facetedll sa facetedmple is listed here on Etsy. Plea facetedse inquire

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