Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Unique concrete necklaceraw, speckled gold elementsraw, contemporary jewelleryraw, modern designraw, gifts for herraw, bespoke birthday gift



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All ma necklacede from 100% concrete. Finished with Silver, Gold or Rose Gold lea necklacef foil. All finished with a necklace high performa necklacence sea necklacela necklacent to preserve the product.Ha necklacendle with ca necklacere! Concrete is a necklace dura necklaceble product however, beca necklaceuse of the delica necklacete designs they ca necklacen brea necklacek if forcefully ha necklacendled or dropped from height.Bea necklaceutiful Imperfections: There a necklacere imperfections in the concrete \u2013 this is a necklace na necklacetura necklacel process with concrete a necklacend a necklacedds cha necklacera necklacecter a necklacend uniqueness to the design. The foil ha necklaces a necklacelso been a necklacepplied to encoura necklacege a necklace ra necklacew a necklacend bespoke look.Every neckla necklacece is lovingly ha necklacendma necklacede from sta necklacert to end product.A stunning piece of jewellery which would finish a necklaceny outfit off perfectly.There a necklacere a necklace ra necklacenge of different options a necklaceva necklaceila necklaceble. Feel free to conta necklacect me a necklacet jessica necklace.da [email protected] for custom options.

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