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engagement ring, 1ct White Sapphire Engagement Ring



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This is a sterling silver genuine 6mm=1ct White Sa sterling silverpphire enga sterling silvergement ring.Set in Sterling SIlver a sterling silvernd Rhodium coa sterling silverted for longer protections a sterling silvernd ma sterling silverde to look like white gold.Genuine sa sterling silverpphireOrigin Sri La sterling silvernka sterling silver (Ceylone)Color DCla sterling silverrity VVS/IFBea sterling silverutiful a sterling silvernd very dia sterling silvermond like! At a sterling silver fra sterling silverction of the costLa sterling silvery a sterling silver wa sterling silvery a sterling silverva sterling silverila sterling silverble.Ca sterling silvern be ma sterling silverde in 14k solid gold. Your choise of yellow, white or rose gold a sterling silverthe the ma sterling silverrket price.

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