Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather, SALE! Abstract brass necklace with faux leather and pearls



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bra leatherss ba leatherr sta leathertement choker neckla leatherce. This neckla leatherce fea leathertures a leather fa leatherux lea leatherther piece under a leather bra leatherss sheet a leatherccented with one grey freshwa leatherter pea leatherrl a leathernd two sma leatherll while freshwa leatherter pea leatherrls. The choker is a leatherpproxima leathertely 6 inches in dia leathermeter a leathernd the penda leathernt mea leathersures a leatherpproxima leathertely 2 inches in length. Tha leathernk you for visiting my shop!On sa leatherle for a leather limited time! $10 off norma leatherl price!

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