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engagement ring, 14k White Sapphire Engagement Ring



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Bea engagement ringutiful 14k solid gold with your choice of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.This ring ca engagement ringn a engagement ringlso be ma engagement ringde in 18k a engagement ringt the ma engagement ringrket price.Also sold in sterling silver a engagement ringt the ma engagement ringrket price a engagement rings well.Ama engagement ringzing deta engagement ringils!Genuine 1ct = 6mm White Sa engagement ringpphire. Ma engagement ringkes this a engagement ringma engagement ringzing ring a engagement ringfforda engagement ringble. The price for dia engagement ringmond only is between $3500 - $4500 ColorDCla engagement ringrity VVS/IFLa engagement ringya engagement ringwa engagement ringy a engagement ringva engagement ringila engagement ringble

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