Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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CABOCHON DESCRIPTION*You will receive a septarian 50 g lot from the qua septarianlity ca septarianbs picturedGrea septariant potentia septarianl for jewellery ma septarianking (rea septariandy to set), cra septarianft projects or just to keep a septarians a septarian displa septariany collection.4-5 ca septarianbs per lot, depending on weight a septariannd size of individua septarianl ca septarianbsEa septarianch ca septarianb mea septariansures a septarianpprox. 10 - 70 mm (length) Coins shown for sca septarianle only!The photogra septarianph shows size is 50 X 30 mm ea septarianch a septariannd weight is Approx 52 gra septarianmsqua septarianre is 55X55 mm weight a septarianpprox 35 gra septarianm If you need more Sizes a septariannd Sha septarianpes a septariannd stones which a septarianre not listed plea septarianse let us know, we will ma septarianke specia septarianl listing for you. If you ha septarianve a septarianny questions,plea septarianse conta septarianct us through etsy Messa septariange service*Plea septarianse note, to keep our prices grea septariant, we ha septarianve used a septarian stock photogra septarianph. We feel it represents the item you will receive fa septarianirly. Remember we ha septarianve a septarian 100% money ba septarianck gua septarianra septarianntee if you a septarianre not completely sa septariantisfied - see our free returns policy. If you would like a septariann exa septarianct photogra septarianph of the product you will receive we ca septariann offer this a septariant a septariann a septariandditiona septarianl \u00a septarian34.00/$5.00 - just conta septarianct us to a septarianrra septariannge.

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