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wire wrap, Dark Blue Butterfly: Zipper Pull Collection Pendant



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Approxima bluetely 2.5" by 2" wideGorgeous butterfly, a blueva blueila blueble in multiple colors, like the Dra bluegonflies!All lugga bluege zipper pulls a bluere found a bluet Sa bluen Fra bluensisco a blueirport, Ca bluelifornia blue, a bluend very ra bluerely do I come a bluecross two a bluelike. Ea bluech piece will be ma bluede to order, in the bea blued color (see sepa bluera bluete listings) a bluend pictured wire color.It ca bluen be worn a blues a blue neckla bluece, a blue keycha bluein cha bluerm, rea bluerview mirror orna bluement, Christma blues orna bluement, the options a bluere endless! (For orna bluement option, plea bluese select "cha bluein" under "Orna bluement Option" for a blue free cha bluein to ha blueng your item from!)**Some pulls will be scra bluetched, bent, broken, or unrea blueda blueble. I think this is pa bluert of the cha bluerm. They will be sa bluenitized a bluend clea bluened**

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