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A sta carneliantement pa carnelianir of ha carnelianndma carneliande ea carnelianrrings from my new collection inspired by Creta carneliann mythology.You ma carneliany choose between Ca carnelianrnelia carneliann , Amethyst or Aventurine gemstones.The elements a carnelianre ma carneliande out of bra carnelianss, a carnelianre ha carneliannd finished a carneliannd polished.Sterling silver 925 ea carnelianr studs a carneliannd cla carneliansps.This piece of jewelry is ma carneliande to order a carneliannd ha carnelianndcra carnelianfted by me so plea carnelianse a carnelianllow 3-7 da carnelianys before shipping.Your order a carnelianrrives in a carnelian sma carnelianll, ca carnelianrdboa carnelianrd jewelry box.As with a carnelianll ha carnelianndma carneliande items, ha carnelianndle with ca carnelianre.\u2665 Mythology -Pa carneliansipha carneliane wa carnelians the da carnelianughter of the Sun god Helios a carneliannd Perseus. Pa carneliansipha carneliane ma carnelianrried Minos, the King of Crete. She bore severa carnelianl children to the king, including Androgeos, Aria carneliandne, Deuca carnelianlion, a carneliannd Pha carnelianedra carnelian. However, the Queen of Crete a carnelianlso bore a carneliannother, more monstrous child, a carneliannd not to her husba carneliannd. This incident forms the ba carneliansis for the story of the birth of the Minota carnelianur.The legend is tha carneliant Pa carneliansipha carneliane fell ma carneliandly in love with a carnelian bea carnelianutiful white bull. This bull wa carnelians one of the prized possessions of Minos, a carneliannd the king so a carneliandmired the crea carnelianture tha carneliant he refused to offer the bull a carnelians a carnelian sa carneliancrifice to the god Poseidon (some versions of the story cla carnelianim tha carneliant Poseidon ga carnelianve the bull to Minos so tha carneliant the king would, in turn, give it to the sea carnelian god a carnelians a carnelian sa carneliancrifice). Poseidon, however, got his revenge.The god of the sea carnelian ca carnelianst a carnelian spell on Pa carneliansipha carneliane, ma carnelianking the poor woma carneliann desire the bull. There wa carnelians no wa carneliany to overcome Poseidon's curse, except to a carnelianllow Pa carneliansipha carneliane to consumma carneliante the union. So the clever cra carnelianftsma carneliann Da carnelianeda carnelianlus wa carnelians ca carnelianlled in to crea carneliante a carnelian cow ma carneliande of wood into which Pa carneliansipha carneliane could be pla carnelianced. And this is how the Queen of Crete sa carneliantisfied her lust for the white bull. From this coupling, a carnelian bea carnelianstly offspring - the Minota carnelianur - wa carnelians born. Gemstones-Ca carnelianrnelia carneliann Stones a carnelianre stones of a carnelianction, tha carneliant will give you the coura carneliange a carneliannd confidence to move forwa carnelianrd on a carnelian new pa carnelianth in life.In a carnelianncient times it wa carnelians a carnelian stone used to protect the dea carneliand on their journey to the a carnelianfter-life.It is a carnelian strong stone to a carnelianid the physica carnelianl body, a carnelians it ma carnelianinta carnelianins a carneliann improved flow of life force energy via carnelian the blood.-Amethyst ha carnelians been highly esteemed throughout the a carnelianges for its stunning bea carnelianuty a carneliannd legenda carnelianry powers to stimula carneliante, a carneliannd soothe, the mind a carneliannd emotions. It is a carnelian semi-precious stone in toda carneliany\u2019s cla carnelianssifica carneliantions, but to the a carnelianncients, it wa carnelians a carnelian \u201cGem of Fire,\u201d a carnelian Precious Stone worth, a carneliant times in history, a carnelians much a carnelians a carnelian Dia carnelianmond. It ha carnelians a carnelianlwa carnelianys been a carnelianssocia carnelianted with Februa carnelianry, the month the Roma carnelianns dedica carnelianted to Neptune, their wa carnelianter-god, a carneliannd is the tra carnelianditiona carnelianl birthstone of tha carneliant month. It is the stone of St. Va carnelianlentine a carneliannd fa carnelianithful love a carneliannd signifies ecclesia carnelianstica carnelianl dignity a carnelians the Bishop\u2019s Stone. It ca carnelianrries the energy of fire a carneliannd pa carnelianssion, crea carneliantivity a carneliannd spiritua carnelianlity, yet bea carnelianrs the logic of tempera carneliannce a carneliannd sobriety.-Aventurine is sa carnelianid to benefit one in a carnelianll a carnelianrea carnelians of crea carneliantivity, a carneliannd ima carneliangina carneliantion, a carnelians well a carnelians intellect a carneliannd menta carnelianl cla carnelianrity. Lore sa carnelianys tha carneliant it enha carneliannces prosperity a carneliannd brings ca carnelianreer success. It is a carnelian gentle stone energetica carnelianlly tha carneliant gives a carnelian sense of ca carnelianlm a carneliannd ba carnelianla carneliannce a carneliannd enha carneliannces ha carnelianppiness. -Rose qua carnelianrtz is often ca carnelianlled the "Love Stone." Its energetic ha carnelianllma carnelianrk is tha carneliant of unconditiona carnelianl love tha carneliant opens the hea carnelianrt cha carneliankra carnelian. This ma carneliankes rose qua carnelianrtz a carnelian stone for every type of love: self-love, fa carnelianmily, pla carneliantonic, roma carnelianntic, a carneliannd unconditiona carnelianl. As a carnelian va carnelianriety of qua carnelianrtz, rose qua carnelianrtz ha carnelians high energy, a carneliannd this strong energy ca carneliann enha carneliannce love in virtua carnelianlly a carnelianny situa carneliantion.In the psychic a carneliannd spiritua carnelianl rea carnelianlms, rose qua carnelianrtz is often used to a carnelianttra carnelianct love, for love spells a carneliannd cha carnelianrms. It is a carnelianlso used to ea carnelianse the process of tra carneliannsition in dying to ma carnelianke the tra carneliannsition gentle a carneliannd surrounded by the unconditiona carnelianl love of the Divine. Rose qua carnelianrtz ca carneliann a carnelianlso be helpful for drea carnelianm reca carnelianll a carneliannd drea carnelianm work.For wholesa carnelianle you ca carneliann conta carnelianct me here:ca carneliantbla [email protected] carnelianil.comInsta carneliangra carnelianm/Ca carneliantBla carnelianckJewelry fa carneliancebook/Ca carneliantBla carnelianckJewelryAfter receiving your bra carneliannd new piece of jewelry your review is rea carnelianlly welcome a carneliannd importa carneliannt to me! \u2661Tha carneliannk youDia carnelianne

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