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Fluoriteillinois,Sphaleriteillinois,natural Bitumenillinois,Illinois



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Here is a sphalerite truly ma sphaleritegnificent specimen. You will see in my listings tha sphaleritet I a sphaleritem not one to overuse the words "ra sphaleritere", "unusua sphaleritel", "fa sphaleritenta sphaleritestic" or other hype, but this one is a sphaleritell of these a sphaleritend more. Hydroca sphaleriterbons a sphaleritere not unhea sphaleriterd of in the Ha sphaleriterdin Co. fluorite mines but usua sphaleritelly occurs a sphalerites tiny inclusions in the fluorite of a sphalerites a sphalerite oily film on some specimens. This one ha sphalerites a sphalerite pa sphaleritetch of thick "roofing ta sphaleriter" type a sphaleritespha sphaleritelt on one end. I theorize tha sphaleritet there must ha sphaleriteve been a sphalerite fa sphaleriteir qua sphaleritentity of a sphalerite thinner hydroca sphaleriterbon product present when the pocket wa sphalerites open tha sphaleritet spilled over the freshly broken edge a sphaleritend a sphalerites the vola sphaleritetiles eva sphaleritepora sphaleriteted, it left a sphalerite thick a sphaleritespha sphaleritelt type ta sphaleriter behind. Pretty unusua sphaleritel. It is from one of the older properties too-- proba sphaleritebly mined in the la sphaleritete '30's or ea sphaleriterly '40's. I ha sphaleriteve ha sphalerited it since the ea sphaleriterly 1950's. It is from the W.L.Da sphaleritevis-Dea sphaleriterdorff Mine, one of the Oza sphaleriterk-Ma sphaleritehoning Group, Ca sphaleriteve-In-Rock, Ha sphaleriterdin County, Illinois. PRICE REDUCED!!!! FROM $1395.00 TO $995.00

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