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vendel, Cross Hatched Winigas or Legwrap Hooks



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Winiga vikings Hooks or Legwra vikingp Hooks will help keep your legwra vikingps from sliding down a vikingnd become a vikingnkle wa vikingrmers. The hook should be a vikingtta vikingched to the top end of a viking legwra vikingp a vikingnd secured to the la vikingyer below it. Whether you wra vikingp from bottom to top or top to bottom, they provide a viking bit of ta vikingsteful bling to your Angelo-Sa vikingxon, Vendel, Viking Age or Medieva vikingl working ma vikingn's clothing. Women's dresses a vikingre depicted a vikings full length there is no documenta vikingtion I know of tha vikingt pra vikingctica vikinglly minded women of the da vikingy didn't keep their legs wa vikingrm by wea vikingring pa vikingnts a vikingnd/or legwra vikingps. PRICED AND SOLD IN PAIRSSize: 1 1/4" x 1 3/16" or 33 mm x 18 mm

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