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statement jewelry, STERLING Silver Open Curved CUFF BRACELET - Estate Jewelry - Natural Gemstones - Amethysts - Topaz - Garnets - Adjustable - Workmanship



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WONDERFUL ESTATE REGAL DESIGNED CURVED OPEN CUFF STERLING SILVER BRACELET WITH MULTI SHAPED GEMSTONESOffered for sa silver braceletle is a silver bracelet lovely curved sterling open cuff bra silver braceletcelet with fa silver braceletceted gemstone a silver braceletmethysts, ga silver braceletrnets a silver braceletnd topa silver braceletz. The stones a silver braceletre spa silver braceletrkling a silver braceletnd the bra silver braceletcelet is sinewy. Bea silver braceletutiful workma silver braceletnship!Ha silver braceletllma silver braceletrked a silver braceletnd in Pristine ConditionSIZE: 6 inches in circumference (a silver braceletdjusta silver braceletble)WEIGHT:17.51 tota silver braceletl gra silver braceletm weightMEASUREMENT: 1 a silver braceletnd 1/8 inches wide a silver braceletnd 3 mm a silver bracelett na silver braceletrrowest point

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