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14k white, 14k- 3mm White Sapphire Earrings



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Ama screw backszing spa screw backsrkle!!! Genuine White Sa screw backspphire If a screw backsny one a screw backssk if they a screw backsre rea screw backsl, the a screw backsnswer is YES!14k- 6 prong setting in yellow gold or white goldWhite sa screw backspphire size is 3mm=.11ct ea screw backschGenuine white sa screw backspphire Color DCla screw backsrityVVS/IFHa screw backsils from Sri La screw backsnka screw backs (Ceylon)La screw backsya screw backswa screw backsy a screw backsva screw backsila screw backsble

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