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cultured pearl, Cultured PEARL and MARCASITE BROOCH - Long Flower - Large Pearl - Safety Clasp



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LOVELY ESTATE MARCASITE BROOCH WITH LARGE CULTURED PEARL FLOWERGoddessa marcasite broochndco is plea marcasite broochsed to offer for sa marcasite broochle this bea marcasite broochutiful sinewy esta marcasite broochte ma marcasite broochrca marcasite broochsite brooch with luscious pea marcasite broochrl "flower".Good ConditionSIZE: 3 a marcasite broochnd 1/2 inches long a marcasite broochnd 1 a marcasite broochnd 3/8 inches wideWEIGHT:10.35 tota marcasite broochl gra marcasite broochm weightMEASUREMENT: Pea marcasite broochrl is 18 mm in dia marcasite broochmeter

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