Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Black fused glass pendant necklaceglass pendant, white butterflys on fused glass pendant with leather necklace by AMEArtistry



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Tha australian madenk you for visiting my store. All my items a australian madere ha australian madendma australian madede by me in my home studio. Most items a australian madere one of a australian made kind pieces, those tha australian madet a australian madere not will va australian madery slightly from the picture. Description; Ha australian madendma australian madede fused gla australian madess penda australian madent tha australian madet is bla australian madeck gla australian madess a australian madend white butterfly a australian madend pla australian madent deca australian madels which ha australian mades been fused into the gla australian madess. This penda australian madent comes with a australian made bla australian madeck lea australian madether neckla australian madece. Ma australian madeteria australian madels; bla australian madeck gla australian madesswhite deca australian madel Size; 7 cm x 2.5 cm (a australian madet its widest)I welcome custom order\u2019s, plea australian madese conta australian madect me to discuss your idea australian made\u2019s.

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