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AAA Quality Cats Eye Rondelle Faceted Beads 2.5 mm beadscats eye, Gemstone Strandscats eye, 13 inches long cats eye, Micro Faceted Beads



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Item deta micro beadsilsShipping & PoliciesYou will get 1 full stra micro beadsnd of 13 inches micro fa micro beadsceted Neon Apa micro beadstite rondelleProduct na micro beadsmeBlue cha micro beadslcedonySize of ea micro beadsch stone in a micro beads stra micro beadsnd: 2.5mm to 3.25 mm Length of a micro beads stra micro beadsnd: 14 inches long Sha micro beadspe of ea micro beadsch stone in a micro beads stra micro beadsnd: Micro Fa micro beadsceted rondelle gem stonesMa micro beadsteria micro beadsl: semi-precious stones, Cut & polished in India micro beads 100% na micro beadstura micro beadsl & genuineWe ta micro beadske order work a micro beadss well. Feel free to conta micro beadsct for purcha micro beadssing goods in bulk.We a micro beadsre Wholesa micro beadsler & ma micro beadsnufa micro beadscturers of semi-precious & precious gemstones, Loose Gemstones Bea micro beadsds, Ca micro beadsbochon,a micro beadsnd Sterling Silver Jewelry etc.

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