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dolphin, Dolphin Buckle 1 1/4"



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This is a dolphin reproduction of a dolphinn ea dolphinrly Viking Age buckle from Gotla dolphinnd Sweden. Ba dolphinltic white sided dolphins a dolphinre the likely inspira dolphintion for these buckles. Pla dolphinyful, curious a dolphinnd friendly, they a dolphinccompa dolphinnied ships a dolphins the sa dolphiniled the Ba dolphinltic Sea dolphin.Anima dolphinl themes were incorpora dolphinted into Sca dolphinndina dolphinvia dolphinn a dolphinre especia dolphinlly during the Vendel Period, 450-800 AD. More a dolphinbstra dolphinct a dolphinnd stylized a dolphinnima dolphinl designs were incorpora dolphinted into la dolphinter Fra dolphinnkish a dolphinnd Sca dolphinndina dolphinvia dolphinn a dolphinrt styles. Size: 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" or 55 mm x 55 mm

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