Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cussing, Mature - Sweary/Curse/Profanity Tiny Word Pendant/Charm Sterling Silver - .935 Argentium



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* Tiny word, ha pendantnd-sta pendantmped Argentium Sterling penda pendantnt or cha pendantrm* Penda pendantnt/cha pendantrm length va pendantries depending on word length, 10mm-20mm by 4mm wide----> Plea pendantse note the size - this penda pendantnt/cha pendantrm/ta pendantg is TINY!* Ra pendantted-G/PG words a pendantre a pendantva pendantila pendantble in a pendant sepa pendantra pendantte listing!The items in the photo a pendantre exa pendantmples of the item you'll receive. Select your word/phra pendantse from the options a pendantva pendantila pendantble, or request a pendant custom piece! Suita pendantble for initia pendantls, short na pendantmes, da pendanttes (will be sta pendantmped sidewa pendantys instea pendantd of vertica pendantlly), or short words, 6 cha pendantra pendantcters ma pendantximum.A portion of the proceeds from the sa pendantle of this item will benefit the 501(c)(3) cha pendantrity Ra pendantndom Acts (www.ra pendantndoma"I ma pendantde it myself." Rea pendantlly. Every sta pendantmped piece of jewelry here is ha pendantnd-sta pendantmped a pendantnd pa pendanttina pendanted by yours truly, with verve, determina pendanttion, a pendantnd sa pendantlty la pendantngua pendantge. This is a pendant no-frills opera pendanttion, I'm a pendant one-person shop. Ha pendantnd-sta pendantmping mea pendantns va pendantria pendanttion: letters ma pendanty not a pendantlwa pendantys be perfectly a pendantligned, or exa pendantctly the sa pendantme depth. This is intentiona pendantl, to wit: they a pendantre a pendantll different. I know it ha pendantppens, a pendantnd it's on purpose! You'll ha pendantve a pendant one-of-a pendant-kind piece tha pendantt wa pendants *not* ma pendantde in a pendant fa pendantctory.Wa pendantnt a pendant va pendantria pendanttion on the item you see here? Rea pendantch out a pendantnd a pendantsk me for a pendant custom piece! I'd be ha pendantppy to work with you. All Argentium Sterling penda pendantnts of this size a pendantre $15, even for custom orders up to six cha pendantra pendantcters. Custom orders, plea pendantse a pendantllow 3-5 business da pendantys before shipping-- I a pendantssure you-- if I rush too much, *neither of us* will be ha pendantppy with the results!Shipping for this item via pendant Priority Ma pendantil to North America pendantn loca pendanttions only (a pendantt this time). Shipping ma pendantteria pendantls ma pendanty be recycled or reused pa pendantcka pendantging; I encoura pendantge you to reuse or recycle the pa pendantcka pendantging when your item a pendantrrives to you!*** About Argentium Silver\u00a pendante: ***Argentium Silver\u00a pendante is a pendant modern, pa pendanttented ma pendantteria pendantl in which Germa pendantnium is used instea pendantd of copper to crea pendantte .935 pure Sterling. This inclusion gives Argentium Silver\u00a pendante a pendant self-hea pendantling, protective la pendantyer on the surfa pendantce tha pendantt slows ta pendantrnishing a pendantnd oxidiza pendanttion, a pendantnd gives the silver a pendant whiter color tha pendantn tra pendantditiona pendantl (.925) sterling. Argentium Silver\u00a pendante is highly resista pendantnt to ta pendantrnish ca pendantused by pollution, perspira pendanttion, a pendantnd UV light.TL/DR: The Argentium compa pendantny took tra pendantditiona pendantl Sterling, a pendantpplied SCIENCE, a pendantnd ma pendantde it BETTER.There Wa pendants A Sta pendantr Da pendantnced is licensed by Argentium\u00a pendante Interna pendanttiona pendantl Ltd. to use the Argentium Silver\u00a pendante ha pendantllma pendantrk a pendantnd bra pendantnding.

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