Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A set for couples, Sterling silver persona lovers giftlized bra lovers giftcelet a lovers giftnd ring, one ha lovers gifts the bra lovers giftcelet a lovers giftnd the other ha lovers gifts the ring, with initia lovers giftls, so ea lovers giftch ha lovers giftve a lovers gift pa lovers giftrt of a lovers gift set tha lovers giftt symbolize your conection.Ofcourse you ca lovers giftn buy it a lovers gifts a lovers gift set for one ma lovers giftn, to wea lovers giftr together.The bra lovers giftcelet is ma lovers giftde of flexible sterling silver by ha lovers giftnd. Eco friendly. we use recycled Silver. A grea lovers giftt idea lovers gift for a lovers gift persona lovers giftlized gift. In both sides we engra lovers giftve a lovers gift letter of your choosing. It ca lovers giftn be him a lovers giftnd yours initia lovers giftls, or if you buy it for yourself- your initia lovers giftls.Ea lovers giftch one is a lovers gift custom order. If you wa lovers giftnt it to be perfect, plea lovers giftse mea lovers giftsure your a lovers giftrm just a lovers giftbove the wrist bone. If it is more convenient to mea lovers giftsure in centimeters you a lovers giftre welcome to do so a lovers giftnd write it in the NOTE FROM BUYER in checkout. In a lovers giftny ca lovers giftse, you don't need to a lovers giftdd to your wrist size beca lovers giftuse we ma lovers giftke it 0.4 inch (1cm) longer to fit perfectly. Anyhow, it is flexible, so you ca lovers giftn't go wrong even when you buy it a lovers gifts a lovers gift gift for someone. The ring looks like the bra lovers giftcelet a lovers giftnd you ca lovers giftn choose the sa lovers giftme initia lovers giftls or a lovers gift different initia lovers giftls.PLEASE WRITE THE INITIALS YOU WANT FOR EACH ITEM AT THE NOTE FROM BUYER AT CHECKOUT.

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