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faceted, Natural Gemstone Amythest Micro Faceted Rondelle Full 13 inch Strand-AAA+ Quality 2.0 to 4.0 mm



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These bea micro beadsds shows Amythest properties a micro beadst its best,the color is unique these a micro beadsre a micro beadsva micro beadsila micro beadsble in three sizes.2 to 2.5 mm2.5 to 3 mm3 to 3.5 mm3.5 to 4.mmPrice is been va micro beadsried a micro beadsccordinglyLength of stra micro beadsnd-13 inchSha micro beadspe-fa micro beadsceted rondelleTrea micro beadstment-none(100% na micro beadstura micro beadsl)The Amythest a micro beadsre been competitively prices,we ha micro beadsve a micro beads la micro beadsrge stock.Conta micro beadsct us for wholesa micro beadsle buying.Visit our full shop for more of these

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