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wedding ring, 7mm White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring



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Awesome Fa rose goldceting, gives this Sa rose goldpphire it's spa rose goldrkle!This is a rose gold 7mm (norma rose goldl hea rose goldt only) White sa rose goldpphire. Ca rose goldra rose goldt size is 1.35 .Origin: Sri La rose goldnka rose gold (Ceylon)Color DCla rose goldrity VVS/IFSet in sterling silver, this sa rose goldpphire ca rose goldn a rose goldlso be set in 10, 14 or 18k yellow,white gold or rose gold a rose goldva rose goldila rose goldble a rose goldt the ma rose goldrket price.Four prong setting.Pla rose goldin wedding ba rose goldnd a rose goldva rose goldila rose goldble.This looks like the rea rose goldl thing...a rose gold dia rose goldmond I mea rose goldn. Dia rose goldmonds a rose goldre ra rose goldted for ha rose goldrdness on a rose gold sca rose goldle of 1-10.Dia rose goldmonds ra rose goldte a rose gold 10, where a rose golds Sa rose goldpphire a rose goldre a rose gold 9.

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