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vintage keychain, Vintage Ketcham McDougall Brooch Keychain



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The body of this brooch which houses the 15-inch retra retractable keychaincta retractable keychainble cha retractable keychainin is exa retractable keychainctly the size of a retractable keychain US qua retractable keychainrter. These brooches/keycha retractable keychainins were ma retractable keychainnufa retractable keychainctured in the 40's by Ketcha retractable keychainm McDouga retractable keychainll a retractable keychainnd their na retractable keychainme a retractable keychainppea retractable keychainrs on the ba retractable keychainck of the brooch a retractable keychains well a retractable keychains on the C-cla retractable keychainsp itself. These brooches were often worn by la retractable keychaindies who needed to keep a retractable keychain specia retractable keychainl key, pen, or even tiny rea retractable keychainding gla retractable keychainsses close a retractable keychaint ha retractable keychainnd. This piece belonged to my gra retractable keychainndmother, but I don't think she ever used it a retractable keychains there is not a retractable keychain scra retractable keychaintch on it.

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