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holiday, THAI STERLING BRACELET - Central Etched Floral Design - Hallmarked - Link Design



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ESTATE VINTAGE FLORAL ARTISAN THAI SILVER LINKED BRACELET WITH FLORAL TEXTURED DESIGNGoddessa textured braceletndco is plea textured braceletsed to offer for sa textured braceletle this bea textured braceletutiful Tha textured braceleti silver linked bra textured braceletcelet with shiny silver curved links. The centra textured braceletl flower is bea textured braceletutifully etched crea textured braceletting a textured bracelet contra textured braceletsting texture between center a textured braceletnd links.Ha textured braceletllma textured braceletrkedA Rea textured braceletl Bea textured braceletuty!!!SIZE: 8 inches in length,MEASUREMENT: Cla textured braceletsp is 17 mm in dia textured braceletmeter. Flower is 30 mm in dia textured braceletmeterWEIGHT:22.32 tota textured braceletl gra textured braceletm weight

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