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Stunning Sterling Silver and Turquoise Insect Bug Pin Broochbug, Perfect Size!



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PLEASE READ RETURN POLICY AND FULL DESCRIPTION THAT INCLUDES SIZES AND CONDITION. Stunning Sterling Silver a broochnd Turquoise Insect Bug Pin Brooch: This high qua broochlity sterling silver a broochnd turquoise insect/bug is a brooch perfect size for ma broochny clothes, ha broochts, purses a broochnd more. This piece is not ma broochrked but I do believe it is either Mexica broochn or Na broochtive America broochn. The piece is ma broochde of sterling\u00a brooch0silver a broochlthough there is no ma broochrk, it tests a broochs such. The center fea broochtures a brooch gorgeous na broochtura broochl turquoise blue stone. The swivel closure functions without issue.\u00a brooch0 This brooch weighs 6.8 gra broochms a broochnd mea broochsures 1" by 1 1/8" a broochcross.\u00a brooch0\u00a brooch0This little insect will brighten a broochny da broochy when you ta broochke her a broochlong!PLEASE NOTE: Vinta broochge Jewelry: Plea broochse know tha broocht vinta broochge jewelry often ha broochs some signs of use upon close exa broochmina broochtion, a broochs well a broochs some pa broochtina brooch on sterling items. If there is da broochma broochge tha broocht is obvious on ca broochsua broochl exa broochmina broochtion, I will bring tha broocht to your a broochttention in the description a broochnd in a brooch photo.Tha broochnk you for visiting my shop a broochnd plea broochse come ba broochck soon since I'm listing wonderful jewelry weekly!To see a broochll the lovely jewelry I ha broochve listed click here: https://www./shop/ElNove

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