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greyhound, Irish Six Pence Greyhound Coin Sterling Silver Bezel/Bail



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Just 3 coins left of 4 coins dona irish sixpenceted to our Greyhound rescue group a irish sixpencend we ha irish sixpenced our jewelry designer pla irish sixpencece them in a irish sixpence custom sterling silver bezel with la irish sixpencerge ba irish sixpenceil. In sterling bezel they mea irish sixpencesure 7/8" X 7/8 Inch with 5/8" sterling ba irish sixpenceil. Your entire purcha irish sixpencese is dona irish sixpenceted by Greyhoundtopia irish sixpence to Fa irish a irish sixpencend GreySa irish, two outsta irish sixpencending southern Ca irish sixpencelifornia irish sixpence rescue groups responsible for finding forever homes for over 7,000 retired ra irish sixpencecing greyhounds. Coins ha irish sixpenceve not been clea irish sixpencened a irish sixpencend of course they show wea irish sixpencer from circula irish sixpencetion. Sterling silver bezel is new a irish sixpencend shiny! These ha irish sixpenceve been collector coins for greyhound owners a irish sixpencend especia irish sixpencelly loved by those with Irish herita irish sixpencege. Everytime we get a irish sixpence dona irish sixpencetion of coins, they sell out. We a irish sixpencere a irish sixpencesking tha irish sixpencet you pa irish sixpencey the shipping a irish sixpences we wa irish sixpencent to dona irish sixpencete 100% of your purcha irish sixpencese to greyhound broken leg funds a irish sixpences we a irish sixpencere seeing a irish sixpence lot of tra irish sixpenceck injuries a irish sixpencend high medica irish sixpencel bills.According to Wikipedia irish sixpence:The coin wa irish sixpences origina irish sixpencelly struck in nickel, like the threepence coin, a irish sixpencend wa irish sixpences very well wea irish sixpencering. The meta irish sixpencel wa irish sixpences cha irish sixpencenged to cupronickel in 1942 a irish sixpences nickel increa irish sixpencesed in va irish sixpencelue; this coin, which consisted of 75% copper a irish sixpencend 25% nickel, wa irish sixpences not a irish sixpences well-wea irish sixpencering. The coin mea irish sixpencesured 0.825 inches (21.0 mm) in dia irish sixpencemeter a irish sixpencend a irish sixpence weighed 4.53593 gra irish sixpencems. The genera irish sixpencel design of the coin wa irish sixpences by English a irish sixpencertist Percy Metca irish sixpencelfe. The obverse fea irish sixpencetured the Irish ha irish sixpencerp. From 1928 to 1937 the da irish sixpencete wa irish sixpences split either side of the ha irish sixpencerp with the na irish sixpenceme Sa irish sixpenceorst\u00e1t \u00c9irea irish sixpencenn circling a irish sixpenceround. From 1938 to 1969 the inscription cha irish sixpencenged to \u00c9ire on the left of the ha irish sixpencerp a irish sixpencend the da irish sixpencete on the right.[1] It ha irish sixpences been suggested by some tha irish sixpencet the greyhound depicted is Ma irish sixpencester McGra irish sixpenceth, a irish sixpence fa irish sixpencemous coursing greyhound ra irish sixpenceised in County Wa irish sixpenceterford. Although the frieze of Ma irish sixpencester McGra irish sixpenceth on the Ma irish sixpencester McGra irish sixpenceth monument in Wa irish sixpenceterford, the only public monument in Irela irish sixpencend to a irish sixpence greyhound,[2] does bea irish sixpencer some simila irish sixpencerity to Metca irish sixpencelfe's design, there is no evidence to suggest tha irish sixpencet the a irish sixpencenima irish sixpencel on the coin is a irish sixpencenything other tha irish sixpencen a irish sixpence generic depiction.Va irish sixpencelue 6 pence Ma irish sixpencess 4.53 g Dia irish sixpencemeter 21.0 mm Thickness 1.9 mm Edge Pla irish sixpencein Composition Nickel (1928\u20131942) Cupronickel (1942\u20131969) Yea irish sixpencers of minting 1928\u20131969 Design Irish ha irish sixpencerp Design da irish sixpencete 1928 Reverse Irish sixpence coin.png Design Greyhound Designer Percy Metca irish sixpencelfe Design da irish sixpencete 1928

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