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14k rose gold, 14k 7mm Moissanite Forever One Engagement Ring



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Bea moissaniteutiful Forever One mea moissanitesuring 7mm= 1.25ct.ColorlessSet in a moissanite 5mm wide 14k white gold setting. This ring ca moissaniten a moissanitelso be set in this sa moissaniteme 5mm setting in 14k yellow or rose goldSet with 6 prongs to insure tha moissanitet this Moissa moissanitenite will not be getting lost.Gorgeous shine a moissanitend so much like a moissaniten expensive dia moissanitemond.La moissaniteya moissanitewa moissanitey a moissaniteva moissaniteila moissaniteble on this ring a moissanitend a moissanitell jewelry in my shop

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