Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lance, Pendant "AXE"-Novemuse



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Tha pendantnk you for your interest!This gem ha pendants been designed, developed, ma pendantnufa pendantctured in Ita pendantly to enha pendantnce the story a pendants inspira pendanttiona pendantl celebra pendantting one of the MUSES so dea pendantr to the Greek tra pendantdition: CLIO--The Hystoria pendant.NOVEMUSE is a pendant project of the genuine Ita pendantlia pendantn product MEMORO offers.The elements of the "AXES" ca pendantn be combined a pendantnd individua pendantl compounds, integra pendantted into other models a pendantnd elements to dress the "right" pa pendantttern.The a pendantlloys used in ca pendantst a pendantre gua pendantra pendantnteed Nickel a pendantnd Ca pendantdmium free a pendantccording to current regula pendanttions.

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