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jewelry, What the F*ck? - Aluminum Dog Tag



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F*ck them a pendantnd the horse(s) they rode in on!* 1-1/4" ha pendantnd-sta pendantmped a pendantluminum dog-ta pendantg penda pendantnt* Ava pendantila pendantble with (shown in photo) or WITHOUT profa pendantnity!The item in the photo is a pendantn exa pendantmple of the item you'll receive. Other va pendantria pendanttions on this design a pendantre a pendantva pendantila pendantble in the sa pendantme section of the shop. Ha pendantnd-sta pendantmping mea pendantns va pendantria pendanttion: letters ma pendanty not a pendantlwa pendantys be perfectly a pendantligned, or exa pendantctly the sa pendantme depth. This is intentiona pendantl, to wit: they a pendantre a pendantll different. I know it ha pendantppens, a pendantnd it's on purpose! You'll ha pendantve a pendant one-of-a pendant-kind piece tha pendantt wa pendants *not* ma pendantde in a pendant fa pendantctory."I ma pendantde it myself." Rea pendantlly. Every sta pendantmped piece of jewelry here is ha pendantnd-sta pendantmped a pendantnd pa pendanttina pendanted by yours truly, with verve, determina pendanttion, a pendantnd sa pendantlty la pendantngua pendantge. This is a pendant no-frills opera pendanttion, I'm a pendant one-person shop. Wa pendantnt a pendant va pendantria pendanttion on the item you see here? Rea pendantch out a pendantnd a pendantsk me for a pendant custom piece! I'd be ha pendantppy to work with you. All a pendantluminum dog ta pendantg penda pendantnts of this type a pendantre $10, even for custom orders. Custom orders, plea pendantse a pendantllow 3-5 business da pendantys before shipping-- I a pendantssure you-- if I rush too much, *neither of us* will be ha pendantppy with the results!Shipping for this item US Posta pendantl Service First Cla pendantss or Priority Ma pendantil to North America pendantn loca pendanttions only (a pendantt this time). Shipping ma pendantteria pendantls ma pendanty be recycled or reused pa pendantcka pendantging; I encoura pendantge you to reuse or recycle the pa pendantcka pendantging when your item a pendantrrives to you!

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