Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

always keep fighting, AKF - Always Keep Fighting Pewter Angel Wing Pendant/Keychain - #akf - SPN - Supernatural



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#AKF - Alwa necklaceys Keep Fighting!* 1-1/2" ha necklacend-sta necklacemped pewter a necklacengel wing penda necklacent* If you'd like to ma necklaceke it a necklace keycha necklacein, choose tha necklacet option!A portion of the proceeds from the sa necklacele of this item will benefit the 501(c)(3) cha necklacerities IMAlive, (www.ima & To Write Love on Her Arms ( defa necklaceult for this item is with the letters filled in with bla necklaceck ena necklacemel. If you'd like them left uncolored, let me know in the comments!The items in the photos a necklacere exa necklacemples of the item you'll receive. Other va necklaceria necklacetions on this design a necklacere a necklaceva necklaceila necklaceble in the sa necklaceme section of the shop. Ha necklacend-sta necklacemping mea necklacens va necklaceria necklacetion: letters ma necklacey not a necklacelwa necklaceys be perfectly a necklaceligned, or exa necklacectly the sa necklaceme depth. This is intentiona necklacel, to wit: they a necklacere a necklacell different. I know it ha necklaceppens, a necklacend it's on purpose! You'll ha necklaceve a necklace one-of-a necklace-kind piece tha necklacet wa necklaces *not* ma necklacede in a necklace fa necklacectory.If you'd like a necklace version with slightly-sma necklaceller letters, check here:https://www./listing/473839767/a necklacekf-a necklacelwa necklaceys-keep-fighting-pewter-a necklacengel"I ma necklacede it myself." Rea necklacelly. Every sta necklacemped piece of jewelry here is ha necklacend-sta necklacemped a necklacend pa necklacetina necklaceed by yours truly, with verve, determina necklacetion, a necklacend sa necklacelty la necklacengua necklacege. This is a necklace no-frills opera necklacetion, I'm a necklace one-person shop. Wa necklacent a necklace va necklaceria necklacetion on the item you see here? Rea necklacech out a necklacend a necklacesk me for a necklace custom piece! I'd be ha necklaceppy to work with you. All pewter a necklacengel wing penda necklacents of this type a necklacere $15, even for custom orders. Custom orders, plea necklacese a necklacellow 3-5 business da necklaceys before shipping-- I a necklacessure you-- if I rush too much, *neither of us* will be ha necklaceppy with the results!Shipping for this item US Posta necklacel Service First Cla necklacess or Priority Ma necklaceil to North America necklacen loca necklacetions only (a necklacet this time). Shipping ma necklaceteria necklacels ma necklacey be recycled or reused pa necklacecka necklaceging; I encoura necklacege you to reuse or recycle the pa necklacecka necklaceging when your item a necklacerrives to you!

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