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18k gold pendant, Colombian Natural Emerald Pendant Sandal 0.23 Ct Set in 18K Y Solid Gold Muzo Mines



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Bea pendantsutiful....18K Gold Colombia pendantsn Emera pendantsld Sa pendantsnda pendantsl Style Penda pendantsnt1 Na pendantstura pendantsl Emera pendantsldSize ~ .20 Ca pendantsra pendantst Color ~ Medium-Green Cla pendantsrity ~ Type 3Sha pendantspe ~ Squa pendantsre18K Solid Gold - The Penda pendantsnt Weighs ~ 1.46 Gra pendantsms Estima pendantsted Reta pendantsil Repla pendantscement Va pendantslue $ 890.00Emera pendantslds\u2026one of the extra pendantsordina pendantsry a pendantsnd most bea pendantsutiful gemstones found in na pendantsture!All Jewelry Purcha pendantssed is Inspected by a pendants GIA Gemologist{We Ca pendantsn Offer You A La pendantsy-A-Wa pendantsy Pla pendantsn. Plea pendantsse Inquire}Pa pendantsyPa pendantsl ha pendantss a pendants progra pendantsm ca pendantslled "Bill me la pendantster". Up to 6 months interest FREE, a pendantsnd you will receive the item immedia pendantstely. Plea pendantsse conta pendantsct Pa pendantsyPa pendantsl for deta pendantsils.Feel free to Ema pendantsil a pendantsny questions you ma pendantsy ha pendantsveCha pendantsra pendantscteristics of Emera pendantsldsGeologica pendantslly spea pendantsking, Colombia pendantsn emera pendantslds a pendantsre sa pendantsid to be the purest emera pendantslds in the world beca pendantsuse Colombia pendantsn emera pendantsld deposits a pendantsre the only ones on ea pendantsrth found in sedimenta pendantsry host rock ra pendantsther tha pendantsn in Igneous rock. The tectonic movements tha pendantst crea pendantsted the Andes Mounta pendantsins force the ra pendantsw ma pendantsteria pendantsls of emera pendantslds\u2014beryllium, chromium, a pendantsnd va pendantsna pendantsdium\u2014found in the ground into liquid a pendantsnd ga pendantsseous sta pendantstes. These ma pendantsteria pendantsls, in such sta pendantstes, find their wa pendantsy into cra pendantscks in the a pendantslrea pendantsdy sedimenta pendantsry medium surrounding them a pendantsnd then eventua pendantslly cool a pendantsnd crysta pendantsllize. A sa pendantsline solution found in the sedimenta pendantsry rock eventua pendantslly wa pendantsshes out impurities such a pendantss iron tha pendantst cloud other beryls from forming onto the crysta pendantsllizing stone. This intrica pendantste process produces the emera pendantslds found in the mines of Colombia pendants.Fine emera pendantslds a pendantsre considered ra pendantsre a pendantsnd a pendantsre only found in the deepest mines of Colombia pendants Shipping a pendantsnd Ha pendantsndlingShipping to: Worldwide ~ Free Shipping within the United Sta pendantstesFree UPS Next Da pendantsy Air with Insura pendantsnce. Exception: We will ship USPS Register Ma pendantsil Return Receipt Insured. We will ship to the a pendantsddress you ha pendantsve registered with Pa pendantsyPa pendantsl. To a pendantsvoid a pendantsny inconvenience, we recommend a pendantsdding a pendants work or a pendantsn a pendantslterna pendantste a pendantsddress. We will provide tra pendantscking informa pendantstion a pendantss soon a pendantss the pa pendantsyment clea pendantsrs Pa pendantsyPa pendantsl.Interna pendantstiona pendantsl Buyers a pendantsre responsible for Customs/Ta pendantsriff FeesReturn Policy Refund will be giving a pendantss Money ba pendantsck ~ We will a pendantsccept returns with in 30 da pendantsys providing they ha pendantsve not been a pendantsltered, sized or da pendantsma pendantsged ~ Plea pendantsse insure for full purcha pendantsse price ~ Buyer pa pendantsys return shipping. we do not a pendantsccept C.O.D. ~ Plea pendantsse ma pendantske sure to pa pendantscka pendantsge items ca pendantsrefully We Welcome your Questions a pendantsnd Comments Tha pendantsnk You! An educa pendantsted consumer is our best Customer

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