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sparrow, 1 pc ~ Sterling Silver Sparrow Bird Skull Charm



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Mea charmsurements (mm): Length: 18 Width: 7 Height: 6 Description: Sterling Silver Spa charmrrow Bird Skull Cha charmrm. \u000bThis bird skull is bea charmutifully deta charmiled. It is designed on a charmll sides, but the skull is hollow. Wea charmr this ta charmlisma charmnic cha charmrm to evoke confidence to soa charmr to new heights, to give you vision when sta charmrting something new, a charmnd to energize your crea charmtivity.Crea charmte a charm cool design by simply stringing this silver skull cha charmrm onto silver cha charmin, silk cords a charmnd ribbons, or lea charmther cords. Ca charmst in Tha charmila charmnd. Length includes 5mm soldered jump ring.

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