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Spring Meadow Bohemian Braceletmulti strand, Multi-Strand Braceletmulti strand, Shabby Chic Braceletmulti strand, Art Jewellerymulti strand, Charm Braceletmulti strand, Colourful Bracelet



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A gorgeous, roma beaded braceletntic a beaded braceletnd colourful, 3 stra beaded braceletnd, bohemia beaded braceletn bra beaded braceletcelet, ma beaded braceletde with selected bea beaded braceletds, cha beaded braceletrms, a beaded braceletnd gemstones from a beaded braceletround the world. Bea beaded braceletds used include Czech gla beaded braceletss (fire polished, rondelle, a beaded braceletnd pica beaded braceletsso), Swa beaded braceletrovski crysta beaded braceletl, a beaded braceletnd gold-pla beaded braceletted bea beaded braceletd ca beaded braceletps. The construction of the bra beaded braceletcelet is entirely done by ha beaded braceletnd, ea beaded braceletch bea beaded braceletd a beaded braceletdded individua beaded braceletlly, from the gold dra beaded braceletgonfly fea beaded braceletture bea beaded braceletd, through to the green a beaded braceletnd pink Swa beaded braceletrovski disco ba beaded braceletll bea beaded braceletds, ma beaded braceletking this a beaded bracelet one-of-a beaded bracelet-kind, unique bra beaded braceletcelet. I ha beaded braceletve finished the bra beaded braceletcelet with a beaded bracelet lobster cla beaded braceletw cla beaded braceletsp a beaded braceletnd gold jump ring. Plea beaded braceletse note: This bra beaded braceletcelet ha beaded bracelets been crea beaded braceletted from high end, qua beaded braceletlity bea beaded braceletds a beaded braceletnd products. It is not designed to be worn in wa beaded braceletter. Plea beaded braceletse remove before swimming or ba beaded braceletthing. This bra beaded braceletcelet mea beaded braceletsures a beaded braceletpproxima beaded bracelettely 7.5 inches (19.5 cms), a beaded braceletnd is designed to ha beaded braceletng loosely. It ca beaded braceletn be lengthened (by one bea beaded braceletd only) if required - plea beaded braceletse send me a beaded bracelet messa beaded braceletge if such a beaded braceletltera beaded bracelettions a beaded braceletre needed. To determine your wrist circumference, just run a beaded bracelet ta beaded braceletpe mea beaded braceletsure a beaded braceletround your wrist to get the most exa beaded braceletct mea beaded braceletsurement. If you require insura beaded braceletnce or tra beaded braceletcking, plea beaded braceletse lea beaded braceletve a beaded bracelet messa beaded braceletge in the comment section, a beaded braceletnd I will conta beaded braceletct you in rega beaded braceletrds to the a beaded braceletdditiona beaded braceletl posta beaded braceletge fees.

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